Did you know Somatic Therapy is 90% effective at healing anxiety in women?

Learn the power of Somatic Therapy to heal your trauma 
and discover your Inner Resilience!


The 4 Somatic Secrets to Transform Your Anxiety 
From Enemy To Ally

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This 1 hour FREE Masterclass is designed for the woman who desires to break free from the shackles of their anxiety, their trauma, and their depression...

... and who are ready to truly heal and become the resilient, calm, and confident woman they were born to be!

In this Masterclass you will learn:
Why your anxiety is your early warning signal
 Why coming to terms with the Trauma that’s locked into your nervous system is SACRED work
 How to stop functioning in your dysfunction and why it's important to take action to heal yourself before it's too late
 Why it's important for you to USE YOUR VOICE, create better boundaries, and start dreaming about your future again!
 All the details about the Sana Soma Method  and how to save 70% off this online course and begin your healing journey today!


Anita Mittal

Founder of the sana soma method

Anita believes that women women are given the right tools, they have the power to heal themselves.

As a Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Therapeutical Counsellor, and Hypnotherapist, Anita Mittal has shown hundreds of women how to release the burdens, the emotional baggage, the depression, and the anxiety, and finally step into the strong, confident, and even joyful woman they were born to be.

Anita's personal journal, as she vulnerably shares in the Masterclass, is proof that if she can heal her anxiety, YOU CAN TOO!
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